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Donovan Fisher

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DECEMBER 1st -December 8th.

OPENING NIGHT December 1st 630pm-930pm  

Live Performance of original soundtrack by Donovan Fisher.

Opening night is a Free ticketed event, inclusive of catering.

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DECEMBER 2nd-8th Running daily 10am-4pm - no ticket required.


ODYSSEY (part 1 of 3)

Is part 1 of 3 (created by Donovan Fisher), presented in a comic style format.

A soundtrack/soundscape, created using synthesised sounds and piano; composed by Donovan Fisher will be performed live opening night.

The exhibition also showcases various themes Donovan has been working on.

Past Exhibitions

Gestures of Transformation

WEST PERTH,  Linton and Kay, 23 October - 10 November.

“I am exploring multiple themes, most of which have connections to gesture as a means of transformation through non-verbal communication. There is a tension between using tradition through form, while inviting a breaking of this tradition through imagery and colour. The duality between stillness and gesture in imagery and paint application opens awareness in the unconscious mind and in turn leads to transformations. My aim is to open the potential for transformation within myself and the observer.”

Donovan Fisher 2017

Past Exhibitions
Donovan Fisher


Donovan Fisher is an Australian born painter and draftsman.

Born in Darwin, growing up in Perth.

Drawing and painting has been in Donovan’s life from when he was a little boy.

His dad drew lines with him and he would try to guess what these lines would create. It was magical experiences for a young boy, “it placed no limits on my imagination…”

Donovan discovered a love for Piano playing before returning to visual art.

He experienced a connection with rhythm, tone and nuances the piano could produce “Learning classical music and moving past just hitting the notes I started experimenting with nuances of tone, this lead me to the importance of composition. “ Sviatoslav Richter and Heinrich Neuhaus where massive influences at this time.”

Reading and connecting with the biographies of Paganini’s, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Einstein there seemed a way these men and others transcended both pain and sickness through the act of a dedicated purpose in creating something in, through and beyond themselves…

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