Emotive Perceptualism (Donovan Fisher)

Confusing the mind ( cognition ) with spacial imagery, moving between representations and abstraction to allow emotive forces to function simultaneously with cognitive perceptions . (Emotive Perceptualism)

Spacial awareness is necessary in emotive sensations.

The flat image is not enough to evoke the emotive side.


Gives rise to sensations by combining emotive and perceptive senses. Moving forward from either perceptualism and/or conceptualism.

We have moved from a time of singularity (perceptualism), (conceptualism)to plurality (Emotive Perceptualism) and beyond.

Three differences that separates painting from photography 

  1. depth perception, spacial awareness 
  2. process, tactile ephemerality, visceral nature of material (alchemy)
  3. colour especially pearly greys and vividness of primary and tertiaries.
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